Greek Souvlaki

 Greek Souvlaki was founded in 1972 by Lee and Mary Paulos. They were the first to bring yeeros (gyros) to Utah. It was a family visit back to Greece that sparked the idea of a restaurant. Lee's brother, Tasos Petropoulos, owned a small restaurant serving yeeros in Pireaus and Lee noticed that the tourists loved them.

 At first, Greek Souvlaki only sold three items: yeeros (gyro), souvlaki, and beefteki. The red sauce was the specialty sauce, in fact white sauce was added many years later! With Mary's home made recipes and Lee's inventive and creative mind, they added many other items to their menu.
 The business has grown with two additional stores since Lee and Mary retired in the year 2000. Great customer service, good quality products, and absolute dedication was the recipe for success. Their sons Frank, Leo, and Chris have taken over the business and are using that same recipe for the future of Greek Souvlaki!

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 **Not Vaild at Airport Location

Best of Utah 2014 Winner: Best Gyros 

Started with modest ambitions in 1972, Greek Souvlaki has grown into a local powerhouse for Greek food. The restaurant’s growth (it now boasts five locations, including an outpost in the Salt Lake International Airport) has been fueled largely by the collision of American and Greek fare that is the Gyro Combo. For less than $9, a calorie-starved person—even one who has no idea how to pronounce “gyro”—can fill, and likely overfill, his or her stomach with a pita stuffed with a delicious mishmash of lamb and beef and topped with spicy red or creamy white (tzatziki) sauce, plus (here’s the American influence) a generous plate of fries and a large soda. It’s a taste you won’t ever forget.
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